10 Things I Learned from a Photo Shoot with Jimmer Fredette

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Yes, this really happened.

On Monday, May 16th, 2011 our team was set to “Get Jimmered!” We met up with Jimmer Fredette in south Provo for an hour long photo shoot to help promote the new Jimmer Fredette t-shirts (the legally licensed versions that he, his family, and his attorney’s have approved mind you).

To say it was a dream come true would be an understatement for sure.

I told my extended family:

…[the Jimmer photo shoot] was right up there with my wonderful wedding (and the receptions that followed), my surprise 30th birthday party to Yankee stadium and the birth of my children.

Our entire team was on cloud nine during this whole event. We asked him tons of questions (ie. which team(s) would you like to play for in the NBA, which team in the MWC talked the most trash, how’s the transition to stardom, etc.). With his permission, I may share some of his answers to those questions in a later VIDEO POST!

As he answered our questions and we chatted, I learned 10 valuable lessons for when I make it to the NBA/MLB/NFL/ha ha ha!

10 Lessons Learned at the Jimmer Fredette Photo Shoot

  1. You’re never too cool to be friendly to people.
  2. Wearing a t-shirt with your name and picture on it can be a bit uncomfortable, just ask Jimmer.
  3. When passing Jimmer the ball between pictures, make sure he’s looking (although he’ll catch it either way).
  4. Bring a damp cloth or something to wipe off the ball instead of spitting on your hand to get off the dirt – thanks for your help Justin :).
  5. When you set goals as a kid, DON’T have one of them be to have a picture of you on a t-shirt. Jimmer didn’t have this goal either.
  6. Being humble, even as a star, will drastically improve your likeability (even if people already worshiped you anyway).
  7. Apologizing for being a bit late when your on a tight schedule is commendable. We won’t even tell you how late he was…
  8. Take pictures with anyone that asks, even some random girl with a cute little puppy who hung around the entire time.
  9. Modify your signature so it looks cool on clothing, basketballs, and other sports memorabilia.
  10. Modify your signature so you can write it fast yet still legible.

I went to my fair share of BYU basketball games this year, starting with the Ute game where he “Jimmered” them for 47 points.

I’ve loved watching Jimmer throughout his BYU career.

But this experience, getting to meet him in person, ask questions, and see him demo OUR Jimmer t-shirts, was even more proof that there are still great people who have amazing talents and get paid lots of money to entertain us all.

Thanks, Jimmer, for living up to all my expectations.



  1. Dave Moller says:

    Great site! Keep up the good work. Go Jimmer!


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