About Jimmer Fredette

The Jimmer Fredette Story

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About Jimmer Fredette

James “Jimmer” Taft Fredette (born February 25, 1989) is an American college basketball player for the BYU Cougars men’s basketball team. Born in Glens Falls, New York, to Al and Kay Fredette, he is the youngest of three children. Fredette’s father converted to the Mormon faith at the age of 18 while his mother remained a Catholic. Jimmer, along with his two older siblings, chose to become Mormons after their parents allowed them to choose their religion. He is the younger brother of rapper TJ Fredette, who helped train him for his basketball career since before kindergarten, and Lindsay Fredette, Miss Teen New York 1998.

Fredette received his nickname “Jimmer” from his mother, a substitute teacher. From his early childhood, he showed unusual dedication; TJ would later recall, “He was the most determined, competitive four-year-old I had ever seen.” He regularly played with TJ, seven years older, and TJ’s friends on the Fredette family’s backyard court; he was able to hit three-pointers at age 5, and developed countless moves to get around his larger opponents. TJ also remembered that his brother “willed himself to find ways to win, even if he was physically outmatched. From the time he was 10, I was telling everybody he was going to make the NBA.”

Other family members assisted Fredette in his development. His father, a financial adviser, introduced Jimmer to schoolyard competition against adults at age 8. As Jimmer developed, his father took him on occasional road trips to Hartford and New York City for more intense competition, and also helped to coach his AAU teams. His mother allowed him to bounce basketballs throughout the house, and even built a dribbling studio for him in their basement. Her brother Lee Taft, a personal trainer who now operates a speed training school in Indianapolis, started him on running drills as a 5-year-old, and still works with Fredette.

In a January 2011 article, Sports Illustrated writer Kelli Anderson said about Fredette’s playing style,