Is Jimmer an Up and Coming NBA Star?

We have to be honest – last year wasn’t good in a lot of ways for Jimmer as an NBA rookie. From coaching changes, to ball-hogs, to not the best shooting – Jimmer went through quite a bit. In fact, we’ve been hoping the trade rumors were true all summer – it appears they’re not (yet).

Now the Kings backcourt is loaded with talented players similar to Fredette. However, rumor has it that “the team may wind up thanking its lucky stars that it did not move the 23-year-old if word coming out of training camp is true.”

According to’s Scott Howard-Cooper, several Kings players have gone out of their way to point out Fredette’s brilliance in training camp.


We’re excited about the preseason improvement. We have complete confidence in Jimmer. It may be a good idea to wait until the regular season before we break back out our Jimmer-Mania t-shirts.

So what are YOUR thoughts on this rumor?

Which Kings players do you think shared this thought about Jimmer’s improvement? Or do you think it was all hearsay?

Is Jimmer going to get the playing time he deserves this year?

Will his shot improve to what it was as the Player of the Year in college?

VIDEO: The Top 10 Jimmer Fredette Plays from 2011-12

Anyone that said that Jimmer couldn’t handle the pressure and hype of the NBA must have missed most of his playing time (oh wait, he didn’t get all that much playing time and that’s why we hope he gets traded…). Anyway.

We thought we’d share this cool video segment of some of Jimmer’s best plays in the NBA during his shortened rookie season.

(Not sure why the NBA website is crazy when it comes to allowing embedded video but click on this link to watch.)

RUMOR: Jimmer’s Headed to the Thunder?

We had a great time at the recent Jimmer Camp and were happy to see some of Jimmer’s loyal fans there supporting the event.

As you know, we’re all about Jimmer Fredette trade rumors due to the fact that we believe he would have a better opportunity to develop into the player we know he is on a DIFFERENT TEAM! 🙂

Here’s one of the latest rumors we read via Bleacher Report:

Jimmer to OKC?

According to Fox Sports Ohio’s Sam Amico, the Sacramento Kings sophomore scorer isn’t happy with his role on the Kings.

The reporter noted that DeMarcus Cousins is the only player willing to pass him the rock on that team full of ball hogs. Oklahoma City is one possible destination for the former BYU star, as they need a backup guard to replace Derek Fisher.

Jimmer would thrive with the Thunder, as he’s a deadly long-range shooter that could be the second scorer OKC needs in its second unit.

It’s unlikely that GM Sam Presti messes with a core that just reached the NBA Finals, but for the right price, the Thunder would definitely be interested in Fredette.

Our Thoughts & Questions on this Jimmer Rumor

AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN! In our opinion ANYWHERE (almost) would be better than where he is currently.

Is it really true that Cousins is the only one that will willingly pass Jimmer the ball?

Would he make a great replacement for Fisher?

Would he be the roll player the Thunder are looking for to overtake the crown from King James?

What are your thoughts on this idea?

RUMORS: Is Jimmer Fredette Really Getting Traded?

First off, for the record, this website and the opinions expressed do NOT necessarily represent Jimmer Fredette, his family, or his agents. is not owned or operated by Jimmer Fredette.

Second off, I’m sure many of our fans and followers have seen the video we created about how the Kings SHOULD trade Jimmer (for his own good since they are a sub-par franchise at best in our opinion).

Although we’ve not been as actively involved in writing about what’s happening with Jimmer these days for reasons we won’t go into at this time, we have been reading, commenting, and keeping a close eye on his progress.

We just read this rumor today and wondered your thoughts:

Sports Illustrated has confirmed that Fredette is on the trading block and the latest has Milwaukee as the top option. The Bucks need some scoring punch off their bench and after showing scouts and GMs his shooting touch is in good form this summer, a deal between the two teams could happen in the next few days.

Is this true?

Do any of you have the low-down on what’s really happening?

Since we’re in Utah, we’d love if THIS JIMMER RUMOR came true:

…there could be a spot on another team. The obvious possibility for sentimental reasons is the Jazz. Jimmer became a national sensation during his senior season at BYU in Provo, Utah and would instantly generate buzz and revenue if traded there to play again.

It makes sense from a basketball standpoint as well. Last year, Utah was 27th in three-point percentage and 28th in three-pointers made. One of their biggest weaknesses is one of Jimmer’s biggest strengths.

He would make a solid backup for recently acquired Mo Williams, as the two are both capable scoring guards. Jimmer could also log minutes at shooting guard as a catch-and-shoot option.

We’re pretty sure this won’t happen though since the Jazz just picked up Randy Foye.

Finally, we read this Lakers rumor:

…trade for Jimmer Fredette!

According to’s entertaining NBA Trade Machine, the Lakers and Kings could swing a straight-up trade involving Jimmer Fredette and Josh McRoberts. While this trade alone would not put the Lakers in the finals or the Kings in the playoffs, it would improve both teams.

Why Jimmer Fredette to the Lakers Makes Sense

The Lakers have no depth off the bench at the point guard or shooting guard positions. Steve Blake has been uninspiring during his two seasons in L.A. while Kobe Bryant has no legitimate backup at shooting guard.

Conversely, the Kings have a glut at the guard position. Sacramento currently has Tyreke Evans, Marcus Thornton, Aaron Brooks, Isaiah Thomas, and Jimmer Fredette who all need and deserve minutes. There is no way the Kings can keep all five guards happy next year.

The Jimmer Fredette Trade Rumor Conclusion

At the end of the day, we just want to see Jimmer play on a team that respects him for what he truly is – a lights-out shooter and play maker who is better than most give him credit for on defense.

We’ve seen Jimmer DOMINATE teams that had great offensive and defensive players.

We’ve seen him score 11 points in 13 minutes and then get BENCHED by a “Smart” coach.

Somewhere there has to be a place where Jimmer can really thrive.

What are your thoughts on where Jimmer should be in 2012-13?

VIDEO: Jimmer Gets 30 in Summer League

We haven’t given up on Jimmer. We’re still not sure he should stay with Sacramento but this video gives us all some hope he’ll find his rhythm and confidence this coming NBA season.

What are your thoughts on Jimmer’s future?

VIDEO: The Belief in Jimmer by the Kings Coaching Staff

Yes, we’ve ranted a bit about coaching decisions.

Yes, we think that Jimmer deserves more time.

Yes, WE BELIEVE in Jimmer and what he can do for the Sacramento Kings. But our main question is this:

Does Coach Smart really believe in Jimmer Fredette?

Watch this video and then tell us what you think:

What are your thoughts?

Here’s why we believe in Jimmer Fredette:

VIDEO: March Madness & Why Jimmer Can’t Play in the NBA

Yep, many have said it, “Jimmer won’t make it in the NBA…”

Rick Riley, a notable ESPN writer, said it himself:

…until he shows more interest in defense than a blind man has in rainbows, he’s going to spend most of his NBA life sitting on padded folding chairs….you think this barely 6-2 kid with no speed and YMCA hops can be the next Maravich or Ainge or Westbrook?

Fredette about it.

We’ve watched the highlights this year. We’ve ranted about how Jimmer doesn’t get enough playing time and should be traded, but this video mix from Blake Atkins Youtube Channel speaks louder than Rick Riley’s words will ever speak:

So you know, Rick Riley actually “repented” and is now a Jimmer believer too.

“Yes, [Jimmer] Can!”

Jimmer is Coming Around in the NBA

From the Sacramento Bee:

Fredette’s education continues as Kings rookie (Sacramento Bee): “For those wondering why the former BYU standout has spent the past two games on the bench…the long answer is that Jimmer walked into a mess. The Kings and their coaching change. The Kings and their crowded backcourt. The Kings and their one-on-one style of play. The lockout that forced cancellation of the summer league and traditional training camps. But the thing about the NBA? A rookie’s existence often is more fluid than political exit polls.”

Do these highlights look familiar to any BYU faithful?

Jimmer’s Best NBA Game Thus Far

After watching these highlights, it makes us wonder, “Where are the MINUTES for Jimmer Fredette?”

Granted, he got a bit of PT tonight and scored 13 in a last second loss, but come on – Jimmer has one of the purest shots, is unselfish, and can create his own shot. His defense hasn’t been as bad as skeptics predicted either.

What do you all think?

Jimmer Roles Curry’s Ankle with His Crossover in Kings Win

“Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry sprained his right ankle and had to be helped off the court during the Sacramento Kings’ 95-91 preseason victory Tuesday night.

Curry was injured while defending rookie Jimmer Fredette just before halftime. Curry didn’t play in the second half and finished with seven points and five assists in 15 minutes.” (

Looks like Jimmer really did “break ankles” with the cross-over…

Jimmer Fredette finished the game with 12 points, shooting 4-9 from the field, 2-3 from 3 point land and 2-2 from the line. He also had 4 assists and 3 rebounds in 32 minutes on the court.

In two games, Jimmer has definitely proven he can make his own shot off the dribble and that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Great Job Jimmer!

Here’s what the cross-over looked like in college: