Have NCAA Writers Finally Embraced Jimmer Mania?

Kemba Walker couldn’t hold off Jimmer Mania any longer.

According to the latest poll results conducted by AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein, Jimmer Fredette overtook Connecticut’s guard in the National Player of the Year race,

Fredette was the only player named on all 590 ballots submitted, and he took 37 first-place votes, more than twice as many as Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger, who’s in second. (A scoring slump has landed Walker in third.)

Might be tough to displace Fredette atop this list, too.

What do you think?

True Story: Fredette was “held” to 25 points in the Cougars’ 90-52 win against Air Force, but as a cultural phenomenon he’s gonna be tough to beat. Jimmer is currently the nation’s leading scorer (27.2 points per game) – can you believe that 25 points per game was considered an “off night” for him?

Here were some of our favorite Tweets from last nights “Jimmer Time“:

  • Watching tonight I was thinking Wow Jimmer really isnt shooting well, stat check after: 8 of 16 total 5 of 8 from 3, my bad #jimmer my bad (via @soxrock365247)
  • #BYU and #Jimmer over #AirForce by 38 (90-52). I think we can welcome back that number 1 RPI ranking. (via @bjstafford)
  • AirForce getting #jimmered @byubasketball tonight. Really hope Michelle Peralta is tuned in witnessing the good grace of king#jimmer (via @DanHartle)
  • #Jimmer hits his 5th 3 of the night! Has 25 and BYU is up by 30 at the Academy. Let the Jimmer lines continue 🙂 (via @Cougarwire)
  • via #michelleperalta 🙂 Jimmer Fredette JimmerGasm T-Shirthttp://bit.ly/dWzGBH Wonder if she’s ever had one of these? LOL (via @mollermarketing)

What are your thoughts on the “Slow Night” for the future Player of the Year, Jimmer Fredette?

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