Is Jimmer an Up and Coming NBA Star?

We have to be honest – last year wasn’t good in a lot of ways for Jimmer as an NBA rookie. From coaching changes, to ball-hogs, to not the best shooting – Jimmer went through quite a bit. In fact, we’ve been hoping the trade rumors were true all summer – it appears they’re not (yet).

Now the Kings backcourt is loaded with talented players similar to Fredette. However, rumor has it that “the team may wind up thanking its lucky stars that it did not move the 23-year-old if word coming out of training camp is true.”

According to’s Scott Howard-Cooper, several Kings players have gone out of their way to point out Fredette’s brilliance in training camp.


We’re excited about the preseason improvement. We have complete confidence in Jimmer. It may be a good idea to wait until the regular season before we break back out our Jimmer-Mania t-shirts.

So what are YOUR thoughts on this rumor?

Which Kings players do you think shared this thought about Jimmer’s improvement? Or do you think it was all hearsay?

Is Jimmer going to get the playing time he deserves this year?

Will his shot improve to what it was as the Player of the Year in college?

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