POLL: Where Will Jimmer Fit Best in the NBA?

All Jimmer fans want to know where “The Jimmer” will end up in the NBA so we can begin to figure out ways to get tickets.

Won’t it be cool to watch him raise eyebrows on the NBA hard-wood in 2011-12?

One of my first questions at our recent photo shoot was who he thought would be the best teams to play for in the NBA based on his style of play. He mentioned these three in no particular order:

  1. The Utah Jazz
  2. The Phoenix Suns
  3. The New York Knicks

Before really thinking about the logistics, I immediately drew some conclusions:

  • Of course he’s going to say the Jazz: he’s got to be loyal to his Utah based following. My question, however – Would he really be a good fit for their program? Sure, they don’t really have a true shooting guard, but is Jerry Sloan’s Tyrone Corbin’s offense a run and gun, three-point shooting set-up? To me, a spot on the Jazz roster would be great for attracting a loyal fan base, but I’m not really sold on the Jazz being the best fit (I would DEFINITELY go to as many games as I could if he stayed in Utah making sure to wear one of our Jimmer T-shirts :)).
  • Phoenix could be a great fit! Just to follow Steve Nash around and copy his every move would be priceless. Nash and Jimmer are a lot a like in their reputation coming out of college – scoring point guards who can’t pass or play any defense.¬†Granted, Nash will never win Defensive Player of the Year, but he holds his own. Winning back to back MVP awards…who would have predicted that when Nash left Santa Clara?¬† Jimmer and I talked about how cool it would be to learn the in’s and out’s of Steve Nash’s game as a Phoenix Sun. I definitely see the Suns as a great fit and wouldn’t mind planning a few trips down south to watch them play.
  • The Knicks…my first thought about this team was, “Ah, Carmelo…that dude is a ball-hog ‘pad-his-stats’ player…” However, there are a few good things about the Knicks: 1) It’s in Jimmer’s back-yard. 2) Mike D’Antoni runs a high-speed, 3-point shooting offense. 3) Carmelo draws a lot of defensive attention, which could leave Jimmer open to spot up. I did a bit more research and found this article about Jimmer potentially becoming a New York Knick:

BYU’s Jimmer Fredette, out of upstate Glens Falls, doesn’t mind if he falls out of the lottery, even if it costs him money on his rookie contract. All Fredette wants is a team where he’s a good fit.And, yes, Fredette, the National Player of the Year, believes Mike D’Antoni’s high-speed Knicks, who select 17th, are a match made in heaven.

Fredette, the BYU 6-foot-1 sharpshooting point guard, told The Post at yesterday’s pre-draft camp here he has agreed to work out for the Knicks in Westchester on June 2.

“It’s a team that’s definitely intriguing especially with their style of play,” Fredette said yesterday. “Being able to get up and down the court, that’s what we did at BYU. That’s how I feel comfortable playing. Obviously, being from New York and liking the Knicks growing up, we’ll see.”

D’Antoni adores sweet shooters like Fredette. He’s been on the Knicks’ radar for a while. One year ago, Fredette worked out for the Knicks and strained his quad muscle, cutting the session short. Days later, he decided to pull out of the draft.

Thinking about things more logically now, I would list Jimmer’s choices in this order:

  1. The New York Knicks
  2. The Phoenix Suns
  3. The Utah Jazz

Where do you think Jimmer should be drafted?

UPDATES: The Sacramento Kings is another team that appears to have a lot of interest in Fredette, according to the Sacramento Bee. And the Milwaukee Bucks, who have the No. 10 pick, interviewed Fredette extensively on Thursday, according to the Milwaukee Journal.

Al Fredette, Jimmer’s dad, tells the New York Post that Jimmer and the New York Knicks “are a match made in heaven.” The Knicks don’t pick until No. 17 in the first round.

Jimmer will fit best in the NBA with...


  1. It’s kinda a crapshoot. They have to make some decisions on point guards…Devin Harris, Earl Watson, Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker, and then Jimmer at 12? I’m just assuming that they are going to let Ronnie Price go, since he really doesn’t have a place in the league (can’t shoot, can’t dribble, average passer = terrible combination when you’re supposed to be a point guard).

    • Good points Jared. I think the Jazz would be best to take the guy from Turkey if they can get him. That guy is tough, fast, and has an eye for getting to the glass – a bit Rodmanesque.

      It would be awesome to see Jimmer stay in Utah, but I’m not putting my money on it. Where do you think he’ll fit in best?


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