VIDEO: Jimmer Fredette’s First NBA Workout a Success

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INDIANAPOLIS — Jimmer Fredette recently completed his first NBA workout; he admits he was a little winded.

Fredette worked out for Indiana Pacers president Larry Bird and other team officials on Tuesday, May 31st. Although he’s been training vigorously with his uncle and others, he at times was out of breath and was pushed by coaches to go harder. But, what do you expect – this is the NBA and Jimmer wasn’t complaining.

“This was my first workout so it was a little tiring. We went really hard for about an hour and 15 minutes straight through. That’s what happens; you get tired when you do a workout like that.”

The nay-saying critics continue to question his athleticism at the professional level. Can a 6-foot-2 shooter keep up with the pros of the NBA?

“I think the biggest thing will just be getting used to the athleticism and speed of the game. A lot of rookies hit the wall because they’re not used to playing that many games. So my job is to try to get in the best condition I can be and try to play at the speed for 82 games.”

Fredette was just one of six potential draft picks working out for the Pacers. Others included Marcus Morris of Kansas, Tobias Harris of Tennessee, Nolan Smith of Duke and Vernon Macklin of Florida.

Fredette, who has workouts planned with the Knicks, Sacramento, Utah and Phoenix, said he was happy with his work in Indianapolis. The day included a medical exam and a personality test along with the scrimmaging and shooting drills.

“I thought I did pretty well. I thought I tested well athletically. We had to take a big personality test — hopefully they like my personality.”

Fredette is familiar with the Pacers squad and says they play the style of basketball he likes.

“They have some very good, talented players,” Fredette said. “They’re a good, young team and I think I’d fit in well.”

What are others saying about Fredette at Indiana?

Indiana fans would love him, no racism as i am white, but Indiana loves the white boys. Remember how mad they were after the drafted Miller over that white kid, which later I bet they appreciated because he was the best choice. He was a great player last year, but when i watched he dribbled the ball around a lot, and dont think hell be doing that as much in the nba unless he steps his quickness up and can drive to the basket on the next level.

And this by Tom Lewis:

Fredette’s positives are pretty well known. Dude can shoot the ball from all over and make plays and, despite being winded, he showed those traits. When given an opening he could hit the open jumper or draw a foul trying to get the ball up around the rim. After the 3-on-3 work, Jimmer knocked down 18 of 22 3-pointers as he worked his way around the arc.

But those were practice shots, not game-flow jumpers. Speaking of Jimmer’s jumper, he has a little hitch when cocking the shot which made his release seem a little slow. Thinking about the slight openings shooters often have to squeeze off a shot, in particular I’m envisioning Kyle Korver racing around a screen, turning and firing in one motion and still barely getting a clear shot off, that little hitch would allow many an NBA defender to help and/or recover to disrupt Fredette’s shot.

Defensively Fredette looked about as advertised. Nolan Smith was able to free himself from Jimmer on several possessions. On others, Fredette held his own, but getting down and dirty at the defensive end won’t be the reason the Pacers or any other team select Fredette. He made it clear after the workout that he has always played point guard and expected to do so on the NBA level.

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