VIDEO: Jimmer Lights It Up at the Goon Squad Classic 2011

As some of you have seen, Jimmer already won the dance-off at the Goon Squad Classic 2011. Yep, that’s right, Isiah Thomas officially “Got Jimmered”.

We also found footage of Jimmer doing what he does best: lighting it up from down-town.

Jimmer’s Stats

Here’s the break down of Jimmer stats for this video segment:

  • 1:29 – Jimmer drains a 3
  • 3:01 – Jimmer drains another 3
  • 5:28 – Jimmer gets a block/steal on a fast break
  • 5:53 – Jimmer drives and knocks down a “leap and leaner” for 2
  • 6:54 – Jimmer gets an assist
  • 8:01 – Jimmer misses his first 3 from way down-town

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