Jimmer Signs with an Agent – But Which One?

Question: Which of the people in this video is really Jimmer’s agent? Is it the girl with the papers or the guy sitting next to him?

Answer: The girl is NOT his agent; these are his agents:

Jeff Austin, who represented David Robinson, Chris Emens, Senior Director and Basketball Agent for the Octagon, and Kate Foley, Director of Player Managment, are Jimmer’s “contact to stardom”. They are known for their honesty and integrity.

…to me there are lots of factors that make a great NBA player; talent is one, but the one thing you gotta have is that competitive nature and he is a killer on the court, as nice as he is off the court – that competitive streak that he has, being able to shine in the biggest games is to me what’s going to make him a very long and very productive [and] successful NBA career. – Jeff Austin, Managing Director, Ocatgon Basketball

One other notable NBA players mentioned who is with Octagon Basketball is Stephen Curry. In case you haven’t seen this already, listen to what Stephen Curry says about Jimmer in the NBA.

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