Jimmer’s Best NBA Game Thus Far

After watching these highlights, it makes us wonder, “Where are the MINUTES for Jimmer Fredette?”

Granted, he got a bit of PT tonight and scored 13 in a last second loss, but come on – Jimmer has one of the purest shots, is unselfish, and can create his own shot. His defense hasn’t been as bad as skeptics predicted either.

What do you all think?


  1. The NBA is not HS or College brand “team” ball. It is about having the best group of one on one players who happen to be on the same team. It’s only a team game by definition because both organizations are required to have 5 guys on the court together. Sacramento is no different than any other NBA organization. It is largely due to the 24 second shot clock. They do not run plays that have as many continuous options. You post one guy and see if he can beat his man or dish. Then it is a matter of rebounding. Stats are what makes these guys money. They want credit for the assist, the shot and the rebound. Jimmer’s game is about assists and shooting and nothing more or less. If he does his job, he will get paid, if he doesn’t, he won’t. He realizes that. There are a lot of BYU fans who think they should be watching a team game. Ain’t going to happen. Jimmer won’t be allowed to take the bread and butter away from his teammates. He has to earn the right to take his shots or there will be discord on the team or he won’t play. It is a lot like walking onto an inner city outdoor basketball game with all black teams playing and waiting to play. White guy comes along and wants to play. Do they let him? No way. That is the other battle he is fighting. Its made worse because as a rookie who is only starting to prove his worth, he gets more public and/or fan attention than anyone on the team. That pisses people off. People want to buy his jersey more than others. He has to play every game as if he is trying to earn his spot and that has to include getting a lot of assists. It would be an improvement to move to Seattle. Fans in Seattle will put players in their places. Sacramento is a borking basketball city. The team needs to change its image in every way.

  2. Jimmer is great player on NCAA, however, he have to play hard in NBA, NBA players is great and most strong, hope that you will play his game style in NBA

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