Is Nick Emery a Jimmer in the Making?

Over the summer, [Nick] Emery’s AAU coach Golden Holt had the audacity to compare the junior-to-be to BYU legend Jimmer Fredette. During Lone Peak’s opening game of the season, he did his best Jimmer imitation, showing little to no conscience, letting go of shots from well beyond the arc.

Tonight may be a “shadow of things to come” – a Jimmer in the making.

Nick Emery showed Jimmer-like signs hitting 7-of-10 3-pointers, (sound familiar) including four in the third quarter alone which saw the Lone Peak Knights explode out of the halftime locker room.

According to the Deseret News, almost everything Nick Emery put up tonight against Cottonwood found its way through the net. Nick scored 39 points to set a new Lone Peak record (and he didn’t even play the last 5 minutes of the game). Fellow teammate and future BYU Cougar TJ Haws also contributed with 22 points.

“[Nick]’s strong enough that he shoots a 24-footer like it’s a 10-footer,” said coach Quincy Lewis.

When asked about his range, Nick answered as Jimmer might: “Wherever I feel open — I don’t think (about being) deep enough — but wherever I feel open, and hopefully it goes in,” said Emery.

Emery wasn’t doing it just from the arc either. He showed no hesitation taking the ball to the basket, taking contact and getting to the line. (Yep, another “Jimmer-like-tendency”.) He did so twice to complete three-point plays.

“One thing about Nick is that he’s worked hard to improve his body,” said Lewis. “He takes contact well, so it’s hard — if you’re going to foul him, then he can finish those things.”

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Can there ever be a Jimmer Junior?

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