POLL: Players, Owners, or Is It Agents Being Greedy in NBA Lockout?

As many of you may have heard this evening, it doesn’t look good for Jimmer and the NBA.

The players’ association rejected the league’s latest proposal for a new labor deal Monday and began disbanding, paving the way for a yet-to-be filed lawsuit and throwing the 2011-12 season into jeopardy.

So what does this mean for Jimmer?

What’s he going to do now?

Will Jimmer go to Europe?

Will he stay in Utah to watch BYU struggle without him?

Will he continue to hold “All-Star” fundraisers with the likes of his other rookie friends?

What will the lockout do to “The Jimmer?”

Who’s Fault is the NBA Lockout?

Jimmer does not own this website (although we are one of the only vendors of officially licensed Jimmer memorabilia).

His current agents haven’t influenced our opinion either.

We don’t know a single owner of an NBA team.

In other words, we don’t have a strong opinion about the question above.

One notable source DOES have a strong opinion however. According to recent reports:

Commissioner David Stern blamed “greedy” NBA agents Saturday for trying to scuttle a new labor deal and believes they are trying to push their clients into a “losing strategy” of decertification.

And Stern says neither the threat of that process nor any request from the union will change the league’s negotiating position, repeating that there would be no further discussions about the revised proposal it offered Thursday. If players don’t accept it, Stern reiterated that he would move to the harsher proposal that is waiting.

Stern is aware of the numerous comments from players criticizing the proposal, and fears they aren’t getting the proper information about its contents because agents worry it will cost themselves money.

“By some combination of mendacity and greed, the agents who are looking out for themselves rather than their clients are trying to scuttle the deal,” Stern said in a phone interview. “They’re engaged in what appears to be an orchestrated Twitter campaign and a series of interviews that are designed to deny the economic realities of the proposal.”

Here’s what an NBA Fan had to say:

LeBron James: You just know he’s involved somehow.

President Obama: Isn’t he to blame for everything that goes wrong these days?

The guy who threw the cup at Ron Artest: Thanks to him, everyone now thinks NBA players are tatted-up thugs who are one step away from becoming criminals — even though other sports are just as “bad.” He’s probably to blame for the whole Metta World Peace thing, too.

Amanda Knox: Italy. Basketball. Kobe Bryant. There’s something there. Just need to connect the dots.

Roger Goodell: He’s going to slowly kill off every sport, one by one. Next on his hit list: Competitive eating.

Twitter: Look at what it’s done to Gilbert Arenas. #dudedonegonecrazy

Nick Nolte: Where is that “Blue Chips” sequel we were promised? (We weren’t promised a sequel? Well, we should have been.)

Steve Bartman: Whoops, sorry. He actually is guilty of nothing. Other than living in a city where fans are insane.

To us, it’s like any argument or personal foul: “I didn’t do that…It’s not my fault…He ran into ME…”

So who is the MAIN culprit?

We’ve love your opinion on the matter?

Source: http://www.sneakerfiles.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Discussion-NBA-Lockout.jpg

Who would YOU blame the NBA lock-out on?

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  1. The players want more, more, more in these tough economic times. They should learn something from the hockey lockout a few years back. Hockey players took one season off, came back and got less than they were fighting for, and in a number of cities the fans didn’t come back………..Not for a very long time. the NBA has lost a fan here. Let the players go to hell. Me and most of my friends aren’t making today what we were a few years ago. My investments aren’t worth what they were a few years back. I was a big fan, but I’m gone, and won’t be back………..trust me !!

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