RADIO: Sam Amick from Talkin’ Jimmer

I found this update on Twitter and jumped on the online broadcast about mid-way through the interview. Here are some of the highlights of the conversation between David James and Sam Amick from

David James (DJ): When you talk to NBA people, is there any consensus on what the Jazz might do with the third pick?

Sam Amick: No…especially with the fact that Brandon Knight isn’t going to workout today with Kemba Walker and Jimmer Fredette…

DJ: Where do you see Jimmer going?

Sam: It’s a tough one. I have a tough time nailing down the fact or fiction on [whether or not Jimmer will go to the Kings at number seven]…The Kings like Kwahi Leonard quite a bit too. They have some marketing concerns – in Sacramento they need a guy that can help them get to the next level…

DJ: How good of a pro do you think Jimmer will be?

Sam: I think he’ll be a decent long career reserve scorer. I don’t know that he’ll start. His ball handling has been impressive though… That shooting is not going to go away. That ability to create your own shot with very little space is not going to go away…I think he’ll be good. The work ethic seems to be there. The athleticism seems to be there – he’s not a stopper but seems to hold his own. I think he has more of an all-around game than people realize…*

Not a bad interview, although I didn’t hear a lot about Jimmer – could have missed the juicy details as I was only listening to the interview for about half the time…

What did I miss?

UPDATE: I didn’t miss much as I’ve now listened to the whole interview. #notmuchonjimmer

* I DID hear a comparison between Jimmer and Dirk on how they can both create a shot!

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