RANT: Jimmer Get’s Raped

I just got back from the slaughter this evening where BYU lost to New Mexico 82 – 64. Jimmer had 33 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. He shot 12 for 12 from the free throw line, but the main question I have is this:

How many free throws SHOULD he have shot?

I’ve loved watching Jimmer all year long. The guy is class on and off the floor. But I’ve noticed throughout the season that he seems to get less and less calls as the year comes to a close.

Why is this? Do the officials think that he scores too much so they don’t want to get him more “Free” Throws? (and they are “free” because he hits over 90% of them). Are they attempting to prepare him for the next level? Are they being paid under the table so someone from the Big East wins the POY? I mean, seriously!

One BYU fan had this to say about the whole process:

BYU fans are rightly concerned about their star player being seriously injured because the MWC officials have decided to swallow their whistles and not calls obvious fouls.

Another said this:

I’ve watched closely to see how the Jimmer is handling all the hype and expectations being placed upon him.

Although its been a barrell of fun, it’s also came at a price. The kid has been thrust into the limelight and treated like a rockstar, thus, the new added stress and pressure are eventually going to follow.

Jimmer is becomming more and more like Danny Ainge. Yes, I said that and am a true blue Cougar. There’s nothing I enjoyed more than watching Ainge slay the opposition, however, with that said, I despised his whining even more. Just like with Jimmer, I can hardly wait for the next game to begin, but if he’s going to start copping an attitude, he’s going to lose favor with fans, coaches, and sportswritters everywhere and that wont bode well when Cousy and Wooden awards are voted upon.

Focus up Jimmer and play through the tough no calls. Nobody likes a whiner. The NBA is likely around the corner for you, where whining is both accepted and permissible.

I don’t want to look down the road and see a reflection of Ainge when I think about the Jimmer!

What are your thoughts on the foul calling (or lack thereof) on Jimmer Fredette?

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