How Excited are Sacramento Fans about the Arrival of The Jimmer?

I’ll admit it openly, I have never really been a Sacramento fan (until NOW of course).

My only run-in with Sacramento was a few years ago when Mike Bibby was on the team. I was at a wedding reception in the Olive Garden restaurant in down-town Salt Lake City and the Utah Jazz were scheduled to play the Kings the next day. On my way out, Bibby and another player walked by the bar close to where we’d been sitting.

Being an avid basketball fan, I naturally flagged him down, asked for his autograph, and asked for a picture with him. To my surprise, he said yes but was pretty put-off that I’d actually bug him at such an important time…

Anyway, I’ve changed my ways as of late and here’s why.

Since the NBA draft last week, I’ve been making contacts with Sac-town people to help promote the Jimmer shirts. Although Jimmer is the National Player of the Year, some people just don’t know what it means yet to “Get Jimmered!”

One contact I made on Facebook shared a story with me that’s changing my perspective about the influence Jimmer is having across the nation.

This fan’s name is Micah B. He’s 16 years old and from Chester, California. I added him as a Fan on Facebook because he’d made some cool comments on the Sacramento Kings Facebook Fan Page about how excited he was about Jimmer coming to the Kings (Like the Kings Fan Page if you haven’t already and comment that sent you 🙂 )

Micah and I have chatted a couple times about how good Jimmer is and tonight he shared this short story about how Jimmer is inspiring him:

My Idol, Jimmer

Micah's Dream - to meet "The Jimmer"

ok, so the beginning of this NCAA season, i discovered Jimmer Fredette and i just was amazed. i couldn’t believe the things that he was doing and it wasin the middle of my basketball season. (i love basketball pretty much more than anything) i tried to be like him but i had no chance haha.

at the beginning of this summer i started thinking about basketball after i would watch jimmer videos and he just inspired me to be the best i could be. i watch his moves, his skills, his talents and i still cant be like him. i discovered this training program called ball handling mastery and i am about to start it in a couple days as soon as it arrives. my coach gave me a key to the high school gym and i have been going every day for the past two weeks for about an average of an hour and a half.

i have sacrificed playing any other sport (football and golf) for my dedication of basketball. i know its a long shot to make it to Division 1 basketball, but i strive to be the best i can be.

All in all, Jimmer Fredette is my idol and inspiration to being a basketball phenom. (didnt know what word to use lol) im only lucky he got drafted to sacramento so i can watch him play haha. i live 3 hours away from sac. and am really excited for him.

Thanks for sharing this motivational story about what Jimmer is doing for you, Micah!

How is Jimmer inspiring YOU to step up and shoot for your dreams, basketball wise or just in general?


  1. Micah Bodnon says:

    thank you so much for posting this for me nate! you are the best and this means a lot to me!

    -Micah Bondon

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