The Jackson and Jimmer Camp 2011

Don’t you think these two should get drafted together in the NBA?

What a dynamic duo…

With over 400 kids from places as far as Hawaii and New York, I’d say the first day of the Jackson and Jimmer Camp was a great success. had a chance to be at the event to promote the officially licensed Jimmer Fredette T-Shirts. Here are some of the responses we received:

These shirts are AWESOME!

My brother in Colorado is going to love this shirt!

How did you guys get to work with “The Jimmer”?

Are you coming out with more designs?

And probably our favorite one of the night:

Where’s the Jackson shirts?

If you weren’t able to order a Jimmer t-shirt at the event today or we were out of the size you needed, order them here.

Other Jackson and Jimmer Camp Highlights

  • We got to talk for quite awhile with Noah Hartsock (that last name would make a VERY marketable t-shirt)
  • We met the future BYU star, Nick Emery – a 16 year old Junior-to-be at Lone Peak High School. When we asked him if he was headed to BYU, he played the politically correct card with, “I’m just keeping all my options open…” Ha Ha Ha!
  • We talked with Jackson and Nick’s dad, Derek – really nice guy (his kids look just like him).
  • We helped Jackson’s wife, who is due in September with a little boy, carry ice up to the Staff area.
  • We chatted briefly with Jimmer and Jackson before the camp started in the Staff area. Other notables in this room – Brandon Davies, Charles Abouo, Noah Hartsock, Stephen Rogers, Luke Magnusson, etc. Jimmer actually remembered who we were from the Jimmer photo shoot.
  • We discussed partnership options with the nice guys from the Jimmer Poster campaign.
  • We sold over 60 Jimmer Fredette t-shirts, the most popular one being the “Fredette About It” shirt.
  • We took a picture with all of Jimmer’s Player of the Year Awards!
  • We met one of our first customers who bought an early rendition of the “Fredette About It” T-shirts.
  • We shook hands with the camera man, Scott M Phelps from, who is doing the Jimmer Documentary.

Your Jimmer and Jackson Camp Highlights?

What were some of the things you enjoyed about the Jackson and Jimmer Camp so far?


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