The Jimmer Shooting Camp – Day 1

We were excited to be at the 1st Annual Jimmer Shooting Camp in Lehi, Utah today.

Special thanks to Marty Haws, Dale Murphy, the “I Won’t Cheat” Foundation, and all the other contacts that helped us get things worked out with Jimmer and team.

There were quite a few highlights at the Jimmer Camp. Here’s a condensed list in no particular order:

  • Met and talked quite a bit with Kate Foley, Jimmer’s Manager of Day to Day Operations (interview with her coming soon)
  • Dale Murphy introduced himself to our team (I met Dale back in either 1996 or 1999 at a Ricks College devotional but didn’t remember how tall that guy really is)
  • Talked with Marty and Tiffany Haws about how Tyler is doing on his LDS Mission in the Philippines – he’ll be home in nine months
  • Met younger brother TJ Haws who, as a FRESHMAN in High School, helped lead Lone Peak High School to the 5A State Championship
  • Shook Jimmer’s hand again, asked him what he thought of some of the new Jimmer shirts, and reminded him to follow @getjimmered on Twitter – which he DID this evening! (we’re the 45th person he’s following compared to 45,876 people following him)
  • Discussed Jimmer business with BG (not sure he wants his name all over the internet) – one of Jimmer’s agents behind the scenes at the Octagon
  • Introduced myself to TJ Fredette
  • Helped a great number of Jimmer Campers “Get Jimmered” with new Jimmer t-shirts
  • Listened to Jimmer give his “Jimmer Followers” a great pep-talk about setting goals, following your dreams, writing things down to remind yourself of what’s most important, thanking your parents, associating yourself with people that lift you up and make you a better person, and practicing hard all the time if you really want to be an NBA player (which EVERY kid in the room was optimistic about when Jimmer asked “Who wants to play in the NBA someday?”) – video of one of the pep-talks coming soon!

Here’s one of the fun pictures we got with Dale Murphy:

What were some of your highlights today at the 1st Annual Jimmer Fredette Shooting Camp?

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