The Trevon Willis Comment about Jimmer Fredette

Earlier in the week, Willis took a shot at Fredette, the nation’s leading scorer.”What people don’t realize is he don’t want to pass the ball. He don’t want to get no assists,” Willis told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He wants to shoot the ball every single time. If you think he wants to pass it, then you’re wrong.”

These were comments by UNLV guard Trevon Willis prior to the game Saturday against BYU.

When asked about the comments after the win on Saturday, Jimmer claimed he hadn’t even heard them until post-game interviews and he really didn’t care – it was just about winning the game.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what he says. I was just worried about getting the victory,” said Fredette, who became the Mountain West Conference career scoring leader, breaking the mark of 2,189 points set by San Diego State’s Brandon Heath in 2007. Fredette now has 2,194.

Fredette, who, according to Willis, “…don’t want to pass the ball…” ended the game with 29 points and SEVEN assists – that’s right, SEVEN assists.

What are your thoughts on this “low blow” comment about Jimmer Fredette?


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