UNDERRATED: Jimmer’s BYU Cougars Can’t Break the Top Five

The BYU Cougars and Jimmer Fredette make Pat Forde’s Top 5 Teams this week, but they’re still a number 7 seed in both the AP and Coaches polls.

With the 2nd best RPI in the country, a win over San Diego State, and the future Player of the Year in our own Jimmer – WHAT THE HELL poll voters? Are you afraid your pretty boy Buckeye’s (the Big Brother team of us “little sisters of the poor”) will get their feelings hurt if a “mid-major” out ranks you going in to the big dance?

I mean, come on – the Cougars wooped on Arizona at Arizona. They beat Vermont in Vermont. They’ve won more away games and neutral court games than any other team in the country, AND they beat San Diego State convincingly who, at the time, was one of 2 (or was it 3) undefeated teams in the country – BYU is STILL SDSU’s only loss this season.

What’s it going to take to get BYU in the top five this season, or will it ever really happen?

Excited to have some debates and comments on this post! BRING IT you east coast bias punks!


  1. Heidi Schmidt says:

    No big-time basketball program should ever brag about winning at Vermont. Maine won at Vermont. Is that really BYU’s third biggest win, or were you joking? If it is, I don’t think they belong in the top 10.

    BYU beat South Florida in double OT…USF is 2-13 in the Big East. If they were in the Big East they would be somewhere around .500 and on the NCAA bubble.

    • Heidi, (aka Heidi’s 2nd best son-in-law Drake)

      First off, our wonderful mother-in-law would have no idea how to make a comment on a blog post bless her heart.

      Second, Mom wouldn’t even know what “double OT” even is…

      Third, yes, the Vermont win was a bit of a joke, although they are 22-6 overall, 13-2 in conference and recently redeemed themselves by beating Maine AT Maine 73-57.

      Forth, Southern Florida lost to then #4 Ucon in OT and wooped on DePaul (cough cough). Plus, I didn’t mention them as a valid win.

      And finally, using your wife’s email address (gin16^$& (at) ________ (dot) com) was a dead give away!

      We’ll talk more about this in Italy after BYU has advanced to at least the Elite 8!

      GOOOO Cougars!

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