VIDEO: How Do Critics Explain This About Jimmer?

We’ve all heard it: “Jimmer played against sub-par competition in a mid-major conference…”



If these “sports analysts” really knew how to read stats, they’d have seen that the MWC RPI was near the highest in the country ALL. YEAR. LONG.

Anyway, as I was reviewing the “most viewed Jimmer videos” feature on our home page tonight, the first video is from 2010 when Jimmer lights up Arizona (1st time) AT Arizona for a then BYU record 49 points. My favorite part of the whole clip is when the Arizona coach says this (min. 1:04),

Jimmer Fredette is just somebody we don’t have an answer for…”

Which leads to my question –

“If Jimmer didn’t really play against any quality competition during his NCAA career, and if he lit up Arizona, a Pac 10 team, TWO YEARS IN A ROW, are sports analysts actually admitting that the Pac 10 is a sub-par conference that doesn’t really have an answer for players like Jimmer Fredette?”

Think about that for a minute and argue with me in the comments below…

Now let’s glory in this SICK Jimmer Highlight Video:

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