VIDEO: Jimmer Camp Day 2 – “Yeah, He Shot From Here”

Day 2 of the 1st Annual Jimmer Shooting Camp in Lehi, Utah was again a great success. The Get Jimmered team was there again and, although we didn’t have the chance to talk with Jimmer too much directly, we did help quite a few more campers “Get Jimmered” with cool shirts by Jimmer.

Thanks to BYUTVSports for this awesome video of Jimmer showing his range:

After camp was over, I headed to BYU to meet my wife, who teaches Zumba for the BYU Intramural program. I arrived a few minutes early and  walked into the gym where she was supposed to be – low and behold, there was Jimmer, TJ, Al (Jimmer’s dad), Kay (Jimmer’s mom), and most of the BYU team. There I am with a “Jimmer Outwit, Outlast, Outplay” T-shirt on stalking their family.

Like the salesman I am though, I took advantage of the opportunity and sat down by Kay who has been the best by far at responding to questions on Facebook. I had the chance to talk with Al too, who was really nice and excited about what we’re doing.

This was probably the best highlight of the day. I did explain a couple times that “ wife teaches in this very room and I’m not hunting them down.” Luckily my wife met them on their way out, confirming my unlikely story.


  1. That Is an awesome video! Crazy how he can shoot from anywhere, anytime!


  1. […] night we watched Jimmer make the Top 10 List on ESPN when he hit 3 3/4 court shots at the Jimmer Camp in Lehi, […]

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