VIDEO: How Would You Rate Jimmer’s Golf Game?

Based on feedback we recently read from James Ham of Cowbell Kingdom, Jimmer probably won’t be the next PGA contender. In fact, he and Charles Barkley were tied at -30 points (and no, that’s NOT 30 under par) in the American Century Championship Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe.

…like most golfers who don’t play regularly, Jimmer had a difficult time keeping the ball in the fairway…Toward the middle of the round, Jimmer warmed up, dropping in a six footer for a par three on the seventh.  The crowd went wild as “go Kings!” and “Sacramento!” shouts came from all over the gallery. (bold added for emphasis 🙂 )

So there you have it – Jimmer GOT A PAR!

Here are a few videos showing Jimmer “Getting Jimmered” on the golf course:

Jimmer on the Practice Tee

Jimmer Hits the Green on a Par Three

What do you think of Jimmer’s golf game?

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