VIDEO: Jimmer Fredette Interview Part 2

Jimmer: “It’s great to have people know a little bit about Provo.”

Jimmer: “It was a special night, we had a lot of great speakers [at our Fireside]…My brother has a great presence on the podium; it got really emotional…it was a special, special moment. There were a lot of people there that weren’t LDS so it was a great missionary tool…”

Jimmer: “[My brother] has been an unbelievable support…I’m seven years younger than him but he would always include me in things…I owe a lot of my credit to him basketball wise and as a person…he was a great roll model to me too…”

Jimmer: “I was definitely very close [to going to the NBA]…I couldn’t get any guarantees of where I’d be picked…I talked with Danny Ainge and he said it would be tough to forgo your senior year and not know where you’re going to be going…I decided it’d be best to come back for one more year and increase my stock…[It helped] that I knew I’d be coming back to a great team…”

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