VIDEO: Jimmer Fredette Works Out with the Utah Jazz

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Fredette’s thoughts on the workout with the Utah Jazz:

How did you feel things went working out with the Utah Jazz today?

“I thought it went very well. We had a great workout in here. A lot of great guys. Obviously one of the best guards in the country with Kemba, a matchup that’s been anticipated by everybody for along time but I thought I did very, very well. I shot the ball well and went out there and played my type of basketball so I thought it was great.”

How was the intensity of the workout with the Jazz today?

“It was an intense workout. They had you working very hard going from thing to thing and I thought it went very, very well. They had us working hard, very intense and obviously a lot of people were here, watching and anticipating so it was definitely a little more hyped up than some of the others.”

Tell us about the hype surrounding the workout?

“It’s fine. I’ve played in front of a lot of fans and done this a long time and I think Kemba has as well so it doesn’t really bother us at this point. We just go out there and play our game and have fun and show them what we can do.”

What do you think about the possibility of being selected by the Jazz?

“I just think it’d be a great fit for me basketball wise. I’d fit into the system. They need a guy that can stretch the floor, get into the lane, get other guys involved and that plays right into my strengths. Coach Corbin’s a great guy. I’ve heard that the players really, really like him so I think I’d fit in well basketball wise. If it happens that’d be great.”

How would you rate the importance of this workout compared to others?

“I think it was still very, very important. They wanted to see how we competed against each other. I think it was a big thing to go in there and play as hard as you could and not back down from the challenge. I think that’s what they wanted to see.”

How was the whole workout process?

“It’s been a long process but it’s been very fun. It’s very time consuming and it consumes your mind as well. You think about it all the time and everybody wants to know how you’re doing. It’ll be great to have it be over. I’m excited to sit back, relax and watch where I go.”

How was it playing against Kemba Walker?

“It was great. He’s a great competitor, a quick guard, a guy that knows how to win. And that’s something that I know how to do as well so it was a great matchup. It was a lot of fun to play against him. He’s a great guy and we’re great friends off the court and we compete on the floor so it was a lot of fun.”

How do you feel battling with Kemba Walker for a spot in the top 10?

“You’re definitely battling for multiple spots. Obviously the team’s looking at you but word gets around and other teams see it as well. You’re working out for the Utah Jazz and obviously they have the three and the 12 picks and those are the picks you’re looking for in this draft. Obviously a lot of people look at the different workouts when you go against different guys and see how you do so it was a big deal and I thought it was good.”

Kemba Walker on Fredette

“We really competed. It was my first time playing against him. It was a great experience.”

“Jimmer’s a great player. I absolutely think he could play the point guard position on the next level. Today he definitely showed that. Him scoring is just a plus. He made some pretty impressive passes as well. I think he’ll be great.”

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