VIDEO: March Madness & Why Jimmer Can’t Play in the NBA

Yep, many have said it, “Jimmer won’t make it in the NBA…”

Rick Riley, a notable ESPN writer, said it himself:

…until he shows more interest in defense than a blind man has in rainbows, he’s going to spend most of his NBA life sitting on padded folding chairs….you think this barely 6-2 kid with no speed and YMCA hops can be the next Maravich or Ainge or Westbrook?

Fredette about it.

We’ve watched the highlights this year. We’ve ranted about how Jimmer doesn’t get enough playing time and should be traded, but this video mix from Blake Atkins Youtube Channel speaks louder than Rick Riley’s words will ever speak:

So you know, Rick Riley actually “repented” and is now a Jimmer believer too.

“Yes, [Jimmer] Can!”


  1. So pity for that, we all love Jimmer in NCAA…

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