VIDEO: The Sacramento Kings Introduce Jimmer Fredette

Can you say “Lucky 7”?

Jimmer was introduced today and revealed his new Sacramento Kings Jersey to the media.

Check it out (warning – this video is 15 minutes long):

Sacramento Kings introduction highlights:

“…Jimmer Fredette, I don’t think he’s a stranger to anybody who follows basketball. He’s one of the most exiting players in college basketball the last couple years. We felt very fortunate to be able to draft him and look forward to see him come in and be a part of our team…I think you’ll really enjoy him as a player and as a person.” – Coach Paul Westphal

From Jimmer Fredette:

“I’m very exited to be here as a King…It’s a dream come true for all of us and we appreciate the coaching staff and front office for choosing us – it’s our job to go our there and perform; they definitely have a lot of confidence in our abilities and that’s why we’re here and why we were drafted to the Sacramento Kings

…I couldn’t be more excited to get this thing started, a talented young group who will score a lot of baskets. It will be a very, very exciting team. I hope the fans are ready for a great season…we’re looking forward to going out there and to fill the arena and have some exciting basketball. I can’t wait and thank you all for letting me be here and hopefully things will go great.”

Questions to Jimmer:

Has there been one ah ha moment when this all sunk in?

Jimmer: “…they showed me the jersey before we came in here and I looked at it and was like, woah, it’s here now, it’s time to go, and that’s when it sunk in…when I saw this jersey, you know it’s true, you’ve accomplished your dreams and it’s time to not let it stop…”

Why the number seven?

Jimmer:“I’ve worn three other jersey numbers in my entire life and all three of them were taken so I really had no choice, I gotta start fresh, it’s a cool number, I like it, have a new identity coming into the NBA – there’s no real significance behind it really.”

How do you characterize what you represent?

Jimmer:“Hopefully people see me as a good person first of all, that’s what it’s all about, help the community and the people around you – that will carry far longer than basketball ever will; obviously, hopefully they see me as a good basketball player as well, hopefully they see me as a guy that can go out there and win a lot of games and does anything for his teammates to help them be successful and help the team be successful, now it’s are turn to do that with the Sacramento Kings.”

Are you transitioning when it comes to the hype around you and how aware of you to have it not overstate what your teammates are doing?

Jimmer:“Teammates are what’s it’s all about…We’re going to be great friends. It’s a bond we’re going to share. We’ll meet the rest of the team at some point and be able to have a bond with them…I’m looking forward to being able to meet those guys. Even at BYU, I wouldn’t have been able to have had the success I had without my teammates…I’m looking forward to having that be the same thing here with the Kings.”

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